Vision Plan

Candler Park Vision Plan, playscape, Perkins+Will

Which part of the Candler Park Vision will you make happen?

Now's our chance, Eastside.

The Conservancy's pro bono landscape architects from Perkins+Will have molded the community's wish list for Candler Park into a Vision Plan. It's time to work together to move these projects forward.

The Conservancy would greatly appreciate your feedback. Above all, we have one pressing question: Which project or projects will you help us turn from dreams to reality? Fill out the easy form below to contribute your thoughts.

Before you do so, check out this breakdown of the projects identified by Perkins + Will. Also feel free to explore other our general introduction to the Vision Plan and a slideshow from Perkins + Will

The Conservancy's Projects, Planning and Environment Committee already is trying to figure out which projects to concentrate on for now. That's an ever-evolving process, and it will partly be based on the interest expressed by you here.

Vision Plan Feedback and Volunteer Form

  • What do you think of the Vision Plan? What projects should we work on first? Which ideas to you like? Love? Oppose? Would you like to see some of the projects listed bundled together or broken into pieces? All feedback is welcome!
  • What will you do to help make it happen? What project(s) are you ready to work on or support? Do you have skills (e.g. fundraising, architecture, planning, communications) that could help?

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Perkins + Will, Candler Park Conservancy, Candler Park Drive

Perkins + Will suggests a boardwalk dipping down from Candler Park Drive, also serving as an overlook to the refurbished field. By Perkins + Will